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How to care for a saxophone

In our daily life, due to our lack of focus or other reasons, we knocked the saxophone, the aging of the saxophone mat, and other various situations, we need to repair the saxophone. When it comes to saxophone maintenance, we must mention saxophone maintenance technicians. The level of maintenance technicians is high and low, which indirectly affects the saxophone maintenance efficiency. For the series, a good saxophone repair technician may damage the instrument that is extremely serious, and restore the original saxophone without affecting the appearance and sound; at the same time, the saxophone repair technician is also an expert in instrument performance; and more than one instrument .

Old saxophonist obsessed with "festival"

The scene of the first Hubei Art Festival "Heart String and Ming Dynasty World Classic Concert". The light blue cooking smoke played by the 85-year-old, gray-haired saxophonist Sun Junwei made the audience listen to it. Sun Junwei is the saxophonist Liu Mingjian mentioned earlier.

Saxophone notes

Dr. Mauk believes that the entire body can no longer move more than slap with a big toe. A very common type is the "chicken elbow", which is to incite both arms when playing. The movement of such large muscles will affect the movement of small muscles of the fingers, thereby slowing down the dexterity of the fingers. Stop these big moves, and you can finish a lot of phrases.
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